Community Training Works’ (CTW’s) Young American Conservation Corps (YACC) program and their land managing agency partners in Florida (St Marks Nat’l Wildlife Refuge and National Forests In Florida) have teamed up to offer a conservation opportunity for up to four young adults to learn while earning.  This paid work experience will be supervised by our Program Manager and Field Manager.   The 4 crew will work in various locations throughout the St Marks National Wildlife Refuge and the Apalachicola National Forest outside of Tallahassee, Florida.  We will transport crew in our truck from a meeting location in Crawfordville to/from the job site each day.

v  Full Time 900 Hours (32-40 weeks) paid position

v  Plus AmeriCorps education award of $ 2,960 for serving a 900-hour term

Crew member positions with our nonprofit conservation corps team beginning spring 2018 for 18 to 30 years old and veterans up to 35 are paid a weekly living allowance. It’s hard work, miserable conditions but great personal development.  The potential for advancement into a leadership role.  Will include overnight campout to blaze a trail in the wilderness area of Osceola National Forest as well as a potential for work travel to other locations in Florida and the gulf coast for future projects beyond these 32-40 weeks.


·        Prepare for a permanent position in the Great Outdoors!

·        Learn an overview of forestry operations such as fire, trail, and habitat restoration

·        Training in trail maintenance, basic tool handling, leave no trace, and invasive and native species

·        Webinars and certifications for those eligible (chain saw, cross cut saw, fire, CPR, wildland first aid, Waders in the Water Basic)

·        AmeriCorps living allowance of $360/week

·        Earn a $ 2,960 Educational Award for serving a 900-hour term


·        Must be enthusiastic about working outdoors with a love and respect for nature

·        Excellent communication skills and Enjoy working as a team

·        Able to work outdoors in the hot sun and Capable of carrying 45lbs and hike 5 or more miles

·        Florida weather is unpredictable and you must be willing to work in rapidly changing environments

·        Must pass a background check and drug screening

Participants will restore a bayou, blaze trails, and forest roads, install trail signs, maintain trails and recreation sites as well as provide rehabilitation to timber stands, bridges among other projects.  Participants will learn about the native species and habitats of the areas where they are working and the activities the Forest Service does to protect their lands.



About Young American Conservation Corps dba Community Training Works, Inc.

We are working together to improve the community in which you live by working on public roads, lands, and waterways (highways, municipal and rural roads and rights-of-way).